Our course covers all you need to become a domestic plumbing and heating engineer and covers the syllabus of City & Guilds 6189-11 qualification as well as the BPEC Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations. Even with little or no prior knowledge, this course will allow you to absorb the knowledge and skills you need to succeed and will build speedily and steadily to the point where you are ready to pass your assessments.

The very best learning experience reflects a blended approach and combines book-based underpinning theory supported by multimedia interactive content and e-learning supported by PC based 3D simulations and intensive practical workshops. Our multiple certification programme will prepare you with all the essential skills required to either get a job or to be able to work legally on a self-employed basis. Many of our students are adult career changers and our courses are designed to allow study to sit alongside other work and family commitments. There is no better way to gain the trades skills the country needs and remember, this programme would allow a natural progression path into other related disciplines, such as renewable energy, gas engineering or, of course, to progress to the 6189 qualification at Level 3.

Plumbing news

  • General Pipe Cleaners Gen-Eye Micro-Scope2
    General Pipe Cleaners’ Gen-Eye Micro-Scope2 sports a powerful new Command Module with a bigger monitor and USB port to record video inspections on flash drives.
  • U.S. Boiler Co. Alliance LT water heater
    U.S. Boiler Co.’s Alliance LT thermoplastic-lined, indirect-fired water heater for residential and light commercial applications features a corrosion-resistant tank designed to provide outstanding thermal performance.
  • Victaulic Tools for Revit 2019
    The latest version of Victaulic Tools for Revit 2019 enhances routing with new editing features that make modeling, procurement and fabrication within Revit a reality for engineers and contractors.
  • REHAU BIM library
    The REHAU BIM library is now available on UNIFI, the industry-leading BIM content management platform, allowing architectural and engineering firms to design with REHAU PEXa plumbing and radiant heating/cooling content directly in Autodesk Revit models.
  • DAP Ultra Clear sealant
    DAP’s Ultra Clear flexible all-purpose waterproof sealant won’t crack, and its clearer-than-silicone finish stays crystal clear.
  • American Standard Flash pressure balance valve
    American Standard’s Flash pressure balance valve delivers maximum installation flexibility with features that speed up installation.
  • Webstone Magnetic Boiler Filter
    Webstone, a brand of NIBCO, announces new Magnetic Boiler Filter. Designed to protect system components and maintain efficiency, the high-powered 12,000 Gauss magnet captures ferrous debris from the system before it reaches the boiler.
  • Anvil International acquires Basic-PSA
    Basic-PSA manufactures and services snubbers for the power industry domestically and abroad.
  • Uponor ProPEX copper press adapters
    Uponor’s ProPEX copper press adapters allow plumbers to efficiently connect PEX piping to existing copper press piping systems.
  • Noritz PROCard app
    Noritz’s PROCard app allows contractors to monitor their tankless water heater installations.