Renewable Energy


Given the Government’s commitment of achieving UK & EU renewable energy targets and that there is a nationwide ‘green skills’ shortage across the country, qualifying as a renewable energy engineer could well provide you with ‘skills for life’.

The aim of this course is for you to become a Domestic Renewable Energy Engineer. The first stage of our programme provides a thorough grounding in plumbing principles and technologies such that on successful completion of Stage 1 you would be able lawfully and safely to take on work as a qualified domestic plumbing and heating engineer.

Progressing on the second stage would see you acquire eight further skills and qualifications, including BPEC’s Part P Defined Scope electrical qualification as well as awards in; Domestic Hot Water, Environmental Technology Systems, the Installation and Maintenance of Solar Hot Water Systems, the Installation and Maintenance of Heat Pumps, the Installation and Maintenance of Water Harvesting and Re-use systems as well as certification in Underfloor Heating. All in all, it would prepare you for the considerable challenges and opportunities that a career in renewable energy provides. Put simply, there is no finer renewables training in the UK for adult career changers and others looking to break into the industry.

Renewable energy news

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    What is it that leads you to choose one supermarket over another? Is it price, customer service, convenience, or all of the above? Or perhaps if you’re an aspiring ethical consumer, you may prioritise fair trade items or organic produce. A recent Ørsted survey has revealed that products’ green credentials are taken into account by the majority of UK shoppers […]