Renewable Energy


Given the Government’s commitment of achieving UK & EU renewable energy targets and that there is a nationwide ‘green skills’ shortage across the country, qualifying as a renewable energy engineer could well provide you with ‘skills for life’.

The aim of this course is for you to become a Domestic Renewable Energy Engineer. The first stage of our programme provides a thorough grounding in plumbing principles and technologies such that on successful completion of Stage 1 you would be able lawfully and safely to take on work as a qualified domestic plumbing and heating engineer.

Progressing on the second stage would see you acquire eight further skills and qualifications, including BPEC’s Part P Defined Scope electrical qualification as well as awards in; Domestic Hot Water, Environmental Technology Systems, the Installation and Maintenance of Solar Hot Water Systems, the Installation and Maintenance of Heat Pumps, the Installation and Maintenance of Water Harvesting and Re-use systems as well as certification in Underfloor Heating. All in all, it would prepare you for the considerable challenges and opportunities that a career in renewable energy provides. Put simply, there is no finer renewables training in the UK for adult career changers and others looking to break into the industry.

Renewable energy news

  • Energy demand since lock down: how to get the cheapest energy
    Lockdown is having a strange effect on energy usage in the UK. You may have noticed a rise in your energy bills due to staying home more, however the opposite is happening on a wider scale. Electricity use across the country is significantly lower than it should be at this time of year, due to businesses and industries being forced to shut down. Since lockdo […]
  • Energy industry taking steps to reduce dependence on greenhouse gas sulphur hexafluoride
    If you're walking down the right path, eventually you'll make progress. – Barack Obama The former president was only half right, unfortunately, when he made his famous remark. As all of us know only too well, if you’re headed down the wrong path and you keep going, you will indeed make progress, but perhaps in the wrong direction. Maybe that goes a […]
  • Government announces plans for the future of green heat
    An eagerly awaited consultation on the decarbonisation of heat has produced proposals with significant implications for the domestic green heat sector. Ongoing until July, the consultation has produced encouraging information on the replacement of the Renewable Heat Incentive and has revealed plans of government support for installing low carbon heat technol […]
  • How do hydrogen fuel cells actually work?
    Hydrogen fuel cells have been hailed as the ‘fuel of the future’, because of their efficient and environmentally friendly potential. They can be up to 3 times more efficient than the combustion engines usually seen in cars, and only produce water and heat as waste products. KPMG’s global automotive executive survey found that the automotive industry is thoug […]
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    As we are currently in lockdown many of us are unexpectedly settling into a new routine of working from home. Amidst juggling childcare, working long hours and feeling anxiety during a global pandemic, the last thing we need is to be worrying about bigger-than-usual energy bills. Although it is inevitable that you will be consuming more energy in your home d […]
  • Good energy news you might have missed
    In these challenging times many of us are glued to the latest headlines. We scroll and scroll through the news on our phones and laptops in a bid to feel informed, but unfortunately we end up feeling more despondent and overwhelmed than before. However here at YouGen we believe there are good stories out there than will help give us hope, but you might just […]
  • Changes to price cap in 2020
    The energy price cap, protecting customers from rising energy costs, is lowering, it has recently been announced. The changes will mean an average of £17 saving per household, with average dual-fuel bills going down from £1,179 to £1,162 over a year. The cap will affect those on prepayment meters, receiving the Warm Homes Discount or are on a default standar […]
  • 12 switches every minute in 2019
    Here at YouGen we are very heartened by UK Energy’s latest report that more people switched energy supplier in 2019 than ever before. It states that a record-breaking 6.4 million households made the switch from their energy supplier over the last year. As we are always advocating to shop around when you come to the end of a fixed term tariff, we are very hap […]
  • Are solar powered trains the future?
    A rail line in Hampshire is the world’s first to be powered by solar energy. Since last summer, around 100 solar panels at the edge of a track near Aldershot began supplying renewable electricity to power the signalling and lights on Network Rail’s Wessex route. Whilst this is only a pilot scheme, the 30KW project could pave the way for a larger project capa […]
  • Air Pollution could be as harmful as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day
    Yes smoking is bad for your health but in some places the air you breathe could be as bad for you as 20 cigarettes a day. This is according to a new study led by researchers at the University of Washington and Columbia University, where they observed over 7,000 people across North Carolina, Chicago, Winston-Salem, Baltimore, LA, St. Paul, Minnesota and New Y […]