This often overlooked trade is, these days, a highly specialised and very well remunerated discipline. No longer the ‘poor man’ amongst the trades, welding is vital to almost every key industrial and manufacturing sector in our economy. There is a significant skills shortage in welding and as a trained welding and fabrication engineer your skills could take you all over the world – whether your preference is to be employed or self-employed, the opportunities are considerable.

The course starts with the Weldability-Sif Foundation programme and then follows the TWI progression structure through levels 2 and 3 using EAL certificated programmes, together with options for NVQ work-based accreditation and European Code test certification.

The objective is for you to become a fully qualified welder allowing you to work almost anywhere in the engineering industry, regardless of your current level of ability or experience. Together with the EAL qualifications and the first code test you will obtain, it will equip you for the real world demands that you will face as a welder with skill and confidence.

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